Olympus thunder


Olympus Thunder is a new 5 reel, progressive slot machine from NextGen Gaming which is now available on all the latest gaming devices from iPhone to Play station to X-Box. With a Greek mythological theme, it introduces you to the God of thunder, Zeus. The reels look and sound great as it plays the popular mythological music from the movie “ropolis” with the original score performed by Beethoven. The reels change speeds depending on what you are spinning. Each time through the spin cycle, you get to see some of the Greek story like the fall of Troy or the founding of the city of Sparta. The multi-player casino game gives you the chance to play with two players at a time, while giving you the opportunity to win huge jackpots every time.

In the game, you need to choose the best symbols that represent the action of the story that you are about to enjoy. It is up to you to create a storm and have Zeus send lightning to strike the symbols that you have chosen, for this will create the thunder that will make you win huge prizes. In addition to this, you will also get to witness another player win against a computer generated character of Zeus. The last symbol that will flash in the screen is the winning symbol and you win the Olympus thunder slot machine. When the music stops, the game ends and you walk away with your prizes which include an Achilles Heel shirt, Nike’s Air Force 1 Sneakers, Dinner cruise tickets, and an Evian Christmas Surprise pack that contain an authentic stingray lure.

This is one of the slot machines that has won many awards for best casino game and it even received a special mention in the Golden Book of World Lottery Awards. Although the odds are not good when it comes to winning, you will still have a great time because of the bonus features that it comes with. For example, it comes with two free sets of four tickets. If you play a max bet of $10, then you are guaranteed at least a win. However, in this case, you will get the chance to win three times or more. Thus, this is a chance for you to be one of the names in the list of winners for the Olympus thunder slot machine.